Legacy Storage Kasson - Frequently asked Questions

What unit sizes do you have?
We have variations from 5x10 all the way up to 12x30, so it all depends on your needs. What are you planning to store? Give us a call at 507-398-0120 and we can give you a recommendation based off your needs.
Click Here to see what sizes we currently have available to rent at each location.

What are your prices?
Do you know what size you may need? Please click here to see availability and pricing at each of our locations.
Note: Our prices can fluctuate based off of the time of year and demand.

How long are your leases?
All leases are month to month with payments due on the 1st of each month. Note: We DO pro-rate rent upon move in but DO NOT pro-rate upon move out. Per the lease, we ask that when you decide to move out, you give us at least a 2-week notice.

Can I pay rent online and set up automatic payments?
Yes, you can make 1-time payments online and/or set up automatic payments through your online portal with credit cards or ACH payments. If you have questions or would like us to set this up for you, please call 507-398-0120.
Note: Per the lease, there is a $20 fee for NSF (non-sufficient funds) payments and a $15 fee for late payments.
  • Rent Online at our Kasson-Country location.
  • Rent Online at our Kasson-Town location.
  • Rent Online at our Byron location.
  • Rent Online at our Pine Island location.

  • Have you had problems with mice or bugs?
    Fortunately, we have not had problems with pests at any of our facilities thus far. We monitor our facilities weekly. If you notice anything, please let us know ASAP and we will address it immediately. There should be NO food or beverages stored within our storage units. This helps limit the risk for all of our tenants.

    Where are you located?
    A map showing all of our locations can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • Our Kasson-Town facility is located just north of the west bound exit ramp from Hwy 14 into Kasson. It is about 200 yards east of Burger King on 5th St.
  • Our Kasson-Country facility is located between Kasson and Byron just north of highway 14 on 260th Ave.
  • Our Byron facility is just north of HWY 14 on the west side of Schmidt Printing.
  • Our Pine Island facility is just east of Dollar General on Center Drive.

  • Do I need to provide my own lock?
    No, we provide a secure lock for each of our units.
  • If your unit uses a built-in silver cylinder lock that fits into a hole in your latch/door, then you are allowed to install ONE additional lock in one of the available spaces on the latch. However, you should NOT install a 2nd additional lock because the remaining space on the latch is used for overlocks in the case of a late rent payment.
  • If your unit has a blue combination lock installed on the latch, then you should NOT install another lock, because the remaining space on the latch is used for overlocks in the case of a late rent payment.
  • NOTE: If we need to overlock your unit and there isn't an available space on the latch for us to place the overlock lock, then per the lease, we will cut off one of your locks at your expense in order to create space for the overlock on the latch.

    How do I get access to my unit after I rent it online?
    This depends on the lock that is installed on your unit. We have two different styles of locks:
  • Built-in silver cylinder locks: These locks fit into a hole in your latch/door and require a special key. If you rent a unit that has one of these locks installed, then when we see your online rental come through the system, we will call and/or text you to schedule a time to meet and give you your key. For the fastest response, you can Contact Us directly after renting your unit online. We are typically available to set up a time to meet between 9am-5pm on Mon-Fri, but may be able to meet outside of those hours or on weekends with advance notice or in special cases.
  • Blue Combination Locks: These locks are installed in one of the exterior spaces on the latch of your unit. If you rent a unit that has one of these locks installed, once you complete your rental online our software will automatically email you the unlock combination and then you can move in at any time without even needing to meet us on-site. Our plan is to transition all of our units to using these combination locks as quickly as we can in order to make the renting process as convenient as possible for our customers!

  • Do you have pallets?
    Yes, please ask and we can usually supply you with one or more pallets at no charge.

    Do you have any Climate Controlled units?
    We currently do not offer any climate-controlled storage. It is very unusual for out tenants to have any issues with moisture, but in certain cases rare climate conditions such as sudden temperature drops in conjunction with excessive humidity levels could potentially result in moisture forming on the concrete floors or condensing on the interior steel walls, so if you have any belongings that could be damaged by moisture, we recommend storing them on top of pallets or on a water proof barrier, and avoiding direct contact with the steel walls.

    What can i do if I lose my key or forget my combination?
  • If your unit uses a built-in silver cylinder lock and you lose the key that you were given for that lock, then you will need to Contact Us to schedule a time to meet you for a replacement key. Please note that per the lease there is a $25 fee for a replacement key or a 2nd key.
  • If your unit uses a blue combination lock and you forgot the unlock combination, you should check your email and/or text message history to find the messages that we sent you when you first rented the unit, because the unlock combination was provided in those messages. Otherwise, if you can't find those messages, you can simply Contact Us during office hours and we can provide the combination for you after confirming your identity with some security questions.

  • What is the move out process and how do I get my security deposit back?

    Tenant must give a move-out notice at least 14 days prior to moving out. To give notice you can schedule a move out through your online account or you can Contact Us and let us know. Rent is NOT pro-rated on move-out, and in order to avoid being charged for the full next month, BOTH of the following conditions must be met:
  • You must give your move-out notice at least 14 days prior to the last day of the month.
  • By 5pm on the last day of the month, you must be completely moved out, and your key (labelled with your unit #) or the provided blue combination lock must be returned to us so that we know that you are actually moved out. At our Kasson or Pine Island facilities you can return your key or blue combination lock by dropping it through the mail slot in the office doors. At our Byron facility, you can return it by dropping it in the drop box that is mounted on the building near the south entrance.

    We will mail you a deposit refund check only if ALL of the following are true:
  • We received a move-out notice from you at least 14 days prior to when you moved out.
  • You don’t have any unpaid rent or charges.
  • Your unit was completely emptied, clean, swept out, and undamaged.
  • Your key (labelled with your unit #) or the provided blue combination lock must be returned through the mail slot in our office doors at Kasson & Pine Island, or in the drop box at Byron.
  • Please note that if your mailing address changed since you initially moved into the unit, you will need to provide us with your updated mailing address in order for us to mail your deposit check refund.

    Do you have gates and security?
  • Our facilities are not gated but they are well lit and they all have high-end video surveillance systems installed. There is no way to stop a determined criminal from breaking into a storage unit, or any building for that matter, but our excellent lighting and camera systems have been highly effective in deterring criminal activity and we have had virtually no issues since installing them.
  • We also have a great relationship with the local police in each of the communities that we operate in. We can provide the police with remote access to our security cameras and video footage, and officers also drive through our facilities frequently, providing another deterrent to criminal activity.

  • Do you offer any discounts?
    We are currently not offering any discounts, however our pricing can fluctuate from time-to-time. Also, if you are thinking of renting with a competing facility because they are offering a lower price, please reach out to us and depending on the scenario (location, unit size, availability) there is a possibility that we will be willing to beat their price!

    Do you have large storage for RV's and Boats?
    Our largest indoor units are 12x30 with a 10’8”W and 8’4’’H door. We also offer outdoor parking spaces (15ft wide x 40ft deep) at our Kasson-Country facility. Note: it isn't possible for us to always plow around your outdoor RV/Boat in the winter. If you need access to your RV/Boat in the winter, there may be times that you will need to shovel a substantial amount of snow in order to drive in/out.